Wire Deck

Wire Decks are the most common type of accessory for pallet rack systems, providing additional safety for pallet storage. Wire Decks increase the safety and efficiency of any warehouse storage application. Wire Decks are far superior to wood decking due to their additional strength, durability, and versatility. Wire Deck also prevents dust from accumulating and allows light to filter through to each storage level. Whether you are loading full pallets or stacking small cartons on your pallet rack, Wire Deck provides the perfect surface to safely store your products. Wire Decks are easy to install and come in a variety of styles to accommodate your systems requirements.

Wire Deck comes in these standard sizes, but are also offered in many more sizes and can also be customized to fit your racking systems specifications:

 Load Beam Height   Length  Capacity
 24" x 46"  24 in.  8 Ft  2,100 lbs
 36" x 46"  36 in.   8 Ft  2,500 lbs
 36" x 58"   36 in.   9 Ft  2,300 lbs
 42" x 46"   42 in.   8 Ft  2,100 lbs
 42" x 58"  42 in.   9 Ft  2,200 lbs
 48" x 46"  48 in.   10 Ft  1,800 lbs
 48" x 58"  48 in.   12 Ft  2,100 lbs

Wire Deck comes in a variety of styles including:

Ziglift offers a large inventory of new & used Wire Decks in a huge variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your systems requirements. For additional information or pricing on Wire Decks for your next project, email us or give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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