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Ziglift offers one of the largest inventories of new & used pallet racking. We have thousands of uprights, beams, and other material handling products in-stock and ready to ship nationwide.

Teardrop Style, also known as Interlake Old Style is the most commonly found style of racking. As one of the largest distributors of new & used Interlake Mecalux racking, we carry one of the largest in-stock inventories of Interlake Old Style racking that can be found throughout all of our facilities nationwide.

Yes, we specialize in complete liquidation of all your warehouse equipment, pallet racking, shelving, conveyors, forklifts, office furniture, and any other material handling equipment. We understand relocating or liquidating can be a headache. Our team is here to help and work with you by making a fair offer on your equipment.

Wire Decks are the most common type of accessory for pallet rack systems, providing additional safety for pallet storage. Wire Decks are essentially individual trays of steel wire mesh that integrate easily into your racking system. Wire Decks are far superior to wood decking due to their additional strength, durability, and versatility. Wire Deck also prevents dust from accumulating and allows light to filter through to each storage level. Whether you are loading full pallets or stacking small cartons on your pallet rack, Wire Deck provides the perfect surface to safely store your products. Wire Decks are easy to install and come in a variety of styles to accommodate your systems requirements.

Yes, in most cases we can safely install projects in an operating warehouse. We take extra safety precautions to prevent our installers from interfering with your employees and material handlers.

Yes, depending on availability we can provide forklifts and scissor lifts for installations projects. We also typically rent forklifts and scissor lifts for installations when our own equipment is not available.

We are able to serve and support our customers’ warehouses across the nation. No matter where you are, our experienced engineering and sales staff are here to offer expert advice on optimal warehouse layout and design.

Yes, we operate our own fleet of trucks that can deliver within a 100 mile radius from either one of our locations. For orders outside of that radius or for larger orders, we can arrange freight.

Yes, our experienced engineering and sales staff are here to offer expert advice on optimal warehouse layout and design. We focus on maximizing your storage capability while also taking into consideration your application including VNA (Very Narrow Aisle), push-back, drive-in, cantilever, cat walk, or pick module systems. With our in-house CAD drafters and onsite surveys, we provide you with the most optimal layouts that are easy to understand and most effective for your business. This value added service is included with our project support to design the most efficient and organized option as possible.

Yes, we perform safety inspections. Most often these inspections uncover damaged pallet racking uprights, but they can also focus on beam capacity, floor anchoring, and general configuration.

We recommend inspecting your racking once per quarter and setting up a damage reporting system with your material handlers.

Yes, Ziglift has many years of experience in designing and installing Pick Modules and Mezzanines for a number of industries and customers including E-Commerce Distribution Centers and other Third-Party Logistics clients. Unlike other vendors, Ziglift has the ability to offer a special customized solution utilizing either new or used material or a combination of both, making sure you are receiving the highest quality of service while providing the most economical solution for your project. To set up a consultation or to find out how a Pick Module can optimize and enhance your warehouse space, email us or give us a call!

Yes, with our in-house engineering team, we provide you with the most optimal layouts that are easy to understand and most effective for your business. We also offer permitting services on all projects. We are always on top of the codes, making sure that during installation we are doing everything proficiently and efficiently to code so that you do not have to deal with any of the headaches yourself.

Pallet racking and other storage systems are limited in loading capacity by a number of factors including gauge, baseplate size, width, and height. We need to know the weight of your products and pallets to select the right components that will safely support it.

Teardrop, or also known as Old Style is the most common racking style in the United States. Teardrop uprights have rounded holes (like upside down teardrops). New Style is a related style, but the uprights have more rectangular and narrow holes. New Style beams are compatible with Teardrop uprights, but Teardrop beams are not compatible with New Style uprights.

No, however there are certain benefits to using one style of racking. Mainly, it is much easier to source a single type of racking when you need to expand. All of your equipment will be interchangeable, so reconfiguration will be much easier than if you need to match multiple styles and sizes to specific locations.

Column protectors and end aisle protectors are designed to protect the column of the upright from forklifts and other heavy duty equipment and are suggested for high traffic or vulnerable areas. Column protectors are a great and cost effective way to protect the integrity of the uprights from damage and can be easily swapped in the case of heavy damage to the protector.

No, pallet racking is designed to be anchored into a concrete slab due to structural and seismic requirements.


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