Carton flow make up a form of shelving that integrates inclined wheels and rollers serving as a platform where the merchandise is loaded from the one side and picked from the other. When an item is removed from the shelf it is automatically replaced by the next in line, which slides into the vacant spot. This First-In/First-Out type of system enhances order pick areas, allowing any product, tote, or carton to be kept in-stock, easily replenished, and ready to pick. Carton flow can be incorporated into pallet racks systems, mezzanines, replenish storage, and pick-to-light systems. To accommodate the various dimensions and styles of pallets, cartons, cases, and boxes, we offer many different styles of Carton Flow to be able to provide the most suitable type according to your specifications and usage.

Ziglift offers new and used carton flow and can provide the right solution for your next project. For additional information on the types of carton flow we offer, view the products below.

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