Overview of the Ziglift Catalog

For the most dependable new and used storage systems available on the market today, you can turn to Ziglift. Located in Southern California, we have helped many warehouses across the West Coast find the equipment they need to maintain a productive but safe working environment. For those customers who are new to Ziglift, we provide this handy introduction to our products. Remember: You may always contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our inventory.

Pallet Racking

Because the proper storage of pallets is one of the most important functions of the typical warehouse, we offer these racking solutions to help you manage your SKUs. These racks provide an easy way to keep your pallets in a secure spot for easy access. We have a variety of pallet rack styles, including Sammons, T-bolt, and Ridge-U-Rack. Our catalog also contains a number of pallet rack accessories, such as row spacers and step load beams. No matter what kind of pallet rack style you prefer, you should find what you need at Ziglift.

Manual and Electric Pallet Jacks

Every warehouse worker understands of value of a good pallet jack—it allows them to transport heavy materials in a safe, speedy way. We have a variety of high-quality pallet jacks, both manual and electric-powered. These units can typically carry more than two tons of material. In addition to our conventional models, we also carry scissor pallet jacks for lifting heavy materials onto workstations. Help your employees avoid injury and boost productivity by giving them reliable pallet jacks from Ziglift.

Metro/Chrome Shelving

Chrome-wire and Metro shelving are “open-wire” structures for holding small, often perishable items. As these layouts are characterized by large gaps that water can pass through easily, these units are easy to clean. For these reasons, chrome-wire and Metro shelves have proven popular in the health and food sectors. The shelves can be assembled without special tools. Mobile shelving units are available.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is a simple yet highly effective storage solution with an “open” construction that allows personnel to access the structure from all four sides. The basic, skeletal arrangement means that items stored on these shelves are easy to see. It’s an excellent solution for light- and medium-weight items. Easy to assemble, these storage products come with adjustable shelves for added convenience. Laminated board, particle board, and wire mesh decking are available.


FastRak shelving is known for its durability and capacity to support a huge amount of weight. In fact, these shelves can hold up to 7000 pounds! Ideal for the storage of heavy and bulky items, FastRak storage units are easy to install, as they have been designed for assembly without the need for special hardware. Ziglift carries a number of FastRak products, including bulk shelving, record archive shelving, tire racks, and cable reel racks. 


For storing long items like pipes, beams, and boards, nothing beats cantilever racking. Simply lay the items across the arms the unit when you want to store them; when it’s time to retrieve the product, just pick them up. These units come with sturdy horizontal beams extending across the base for additional support. Our structural heavy-duty cantilever racking is designed for especially weighty loads.
Ladders, Carts, and Dollies

This kind of equipment can be found in just about every warehouse, but you shouldn’t take them for granted: It's important to use only sturdy, dependable units. Luckily, you can find a wide range of quality equipment right here at Ziglift. We haverolling steel ladders, plastic service carts, multi-level carts, platform carts, hand trucks, and dollies for your inspection.

Storage Bins

We have a huge selection of stackable and non-stackable storage boxes and bins for your small parts. Our inventory ranges from lightweight corrugated cardboard bins to 78” tall mobile shelving units. Ziglift’s stackable bins are made from heavy-duty polypropylene that can resist rust, water, and corrosion. You may also wish to store your bins in our chrome wire shelves built for this purpose. Plastic bins and dividers are available as well.
Plastic & Corrugated Bin Units
Conveyors and Carton Flow

Having a good conveyor system installed at your facility is often essential to maintain acceptable productivity rates. With that in mind, we offer our customers a selection of stationary and expandable conveyors, each of them built to withstand the demands of today’s warehouse environments. We also supply carton flow (flow rack) shelving for order-picking departments.
Drive-In and Pushback Racks

These racking systems provide better pallet storage density than traditional racks can. Drive-in racks have deep bays that allow forklifts to enter and drop off pallets for later retrieval. Pushback racks hold rows of pallets set on an incline. As the name suggests, the forklift operator can simply push the row back to make space for a new pallet; when it’s time to pick out a stored pallet, the incline allows gravity to gently slide the rest of the row into the gap.

Workbenches and Mobile Shelving

A good workbench gives employees a permanent station where assembly tasks and other important duties can be carried out; it also gives them a place to store vital tools and accessories. At Ziglift, you can find reliable workbenches in many types. Our boltless workbenches can be easily set up and disassembled when needed, making them useful for high-traffic areas where equipment must be moved around frequently. The industrial workbenches in our catalog are ideal for shops that require especially durable stations for personnel to use.

Flow Rail

The newest addition to the Ziglift catalog, FLOW RAIL is a pallet racking system that provides a number of benefits that traditional racks cannot match. It works in a manner similar to a pushback system, but with some important differences. While a pushback racking arrangement is set on an incline, a FLOW RAIL row is parallel to the floor; this feature allows it to store a higher density of pallets. This system uses a fully automated set of chains to shift the row of pallets backward (to make room for new inventory) and forward (to fill gaps created by removed inventory).  


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