How Does Chrome Wire Shelving Benefit the Health & Food Industry?

One thing that most businesses have in common is the need to store objects and materials for future use. To address this need, the commercial shelving industry has devised a wide range of equipment, from cantilever racks specifically intended for long objects, to pallet racks commonly seen in warehouses. For professionals in the food and health industries, one particular type of racks has found widespread favor: chrome wire shelving. This type of shelving is made from symmetrical stiff wire decking that forms gaps through which air and liquids can easily pass. So how is this shelving superior to alternative storage equipment? What unique benefits can it bring for the food and health industries? It’s a question that’s worth exploring in more detail, so below we’ll list some of the valuable features that come with chrome wire shelving.

Reduces Dust Build-up

With conventional shelving, dust tends to build up fairly rapidly. Anyone who has moved furniture that hasn’t been handled in years is well acquainted with the phenomenon of dust settling on stationary objects. This can be a serious hassle in the food and health industries, which deal with edible goods and other sensitive materials. Chrome wire shelving minimizes this problem, however, because the decking isn’t a solid, continuous surface. Therefore, particulate matter tends to pass through the gaps.  

Easy to Wash and Clean

Another advantage of a non-solid decking is the relative ease in which it can be cleaned. Spills tend to fall through the gaps, without collecting in any specific area. Also, chrome wire can resist water and other liquids, unlike surfaces like wood that can become damaged from dampness. As a result, this shelving equipment can be cleaned with little fuss. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to simply spray down the chrome wire with a hose. Cleaning is easy—which also means less time wasted on these activities. It also promotes health and safety by enabling relatively easy maintenance of a sterile environment.

Doesn’t Interfere with Lighting

With conventional shelving, those solid decking surfaces tend to create dark spots that overhead lights cannot reach. This can cause problems for personnel attempting to locate items stored on the shelving. Due to the gaps in chrome wire, however, the room’s light source isn’t blocked; that means items are more or less equally visible no matter where they are positioned along the shelving structure.

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Allows for Optimal Air Circulation

The same principle that allows for a high degree of visibility also enables air to circulate freely. In storage areas, air pockets may form in certain areas due to large objects and equipment obstructing the free circulation of currents. This may not sound like a serious problem, but anything that interferes with circulation in the room can compromise the capacity of climate-control devices to keep materials at the proper temperature. When you’re dealing with perishable food or sensitive biomedical materials, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen. But the construction of chrome wire shelving enables air to pass through the gaps, which minimizes this issue. That’s why this type of decking is sometimes known as ventilated shelving.

Reduces Fire Hazard

It should be clear by now that the “open” construction of chrome wire shelving confers a number of benefits. Here’s yet another: This shelving also allows sprinkler systems to work effectively in the event of a fire. Ordinary shelving structures tend to block overhead sprinklers, as the water will collect on the decking without reaching materials underneath. This can prevent the sprinkler from putting out a fire in its early stages, with potentially disastrous results. Conversely, wire shelving permits water to reach all levels. In addition, the chrome wires themselves are non-flammable.


Chrome wire shelving is good for storing perishable, sensitive materials, but it can do more than just that. Just about anything can be placed on this type of shelving, assuming the objects are within reasonable weight and size limits. Among other things, this means that the shelving can be easily repurposed if its original use somehow becomes obsolete due to shifts in business functions. For example, these units can be put in the office to provide overflow help for storage cabinets, or supply a place to set clocks and ornaments—they’re very flexible in the functions they can handle. Keep in mind that this shelving is available in both stationary and wheeled mobile units. Contrast this with, for instance, pallet shelving, which is specifically designed to enable the storage and easy retrieval of huge pallets; it can’t be used for much else. There's a good reason why chrome wire can be found across a wide range of industries, from the retail sector to healthcare facilities.


As far as storage solutions go, chrome wire shelving looks sharp and will add to—or at least not detract from—the visual appeal of the area. Unlike wood-based shelving, chrome wire will not deteriorate or show other signs of aging over time—you can use it for years, and it will look more or less the same way it did when purchased. That makes it ideal for displaying items to the public, among other uses.


Barring extraordinary abuse, chrome wire shelving will hold up well for many years. Not only are its materials extremely sturdy, there are no moving parts that can deteriorate from repeated use. Nor does it require routine maintenance to keep it from falling apart. These units will support heavy loads in the long-term, without compromising their structural integrity.

Established Usage in the Healthcare Industry

The suitability of chrome wire shelving for providing secure, dependable storage in the healthcare sector isn’t just a promotional spiel—it’s an established fact. Right this instant, there are innumerable chrome wire shelves being used in hospitals and other health facilities. You can find this type of shelving in store rooms, sterile storage areas, laboratories, wards, ICUs, and outpatient clinics around the world. In sum, this is equipment that has been widely tested “in the field” by industry professionals who have found it to be extremely useful.

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