4 Deep push back and Drive In Rack – Compton, CA

In November 2016 we completed a 4 – deep Unarco push back system customized for agriculture and food company to help maximize the floor. Current building size about 60,000 sq. ft in Compton , CA we installed about 1,000 pallet positions of 4 deep push back and 200 pallet positions of structural drive in rack. Seeing the client has a limited SKU count and type of products we were able to maximize by implementing the 4 deep push back for their bagged goods and also use 10 deep drive in rack. Previously client was only able to stack on floor but with drive in rack they are able to double the output of the floor with their high stacked pallets ( 90” h ). Product weight varied from 1,800 to 2,500 lb pallets.

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