Permitting & Engineering

When it comes to material handling, there will always be challenges when pulling permits and getting everything to code. In Seismic Zones, the codes are very strict and always altering. At Ziglift we are always on top of the codes, making sure that during installation of your racking we are doing everything proficiently and efficiently to code so that you do not have to deal with any of the headaches yourself.

We are always in contact with our customers when doing the drawings and engineering so that they are thoroughly satisfied with our service. Our employees are well trained to deal with all stages of the permitting process. We highly recommend that every company pulls permits when planning to install material into the building that exceeds 5-9” in height. Doing this guarantees that you do not run into any problems with the fire department and local authorities while also ensuring the safety of your work environment.

High Pile Storage permits are required for any storage above 12’ top of storage. High pile storage determines how high you are allowed to store within your building in accordance with the Fire Department. Deciding factors of this will be the type of commodity you store in your building, including whether it falls into Class I-IV or if it is a Group A plastics or High Hazard commodity. Other factors are the sprinkler system rating within the building itself, which in certain circumstances, in-rack sprinklers are required as well within the pallet racking, mezzanine, catwalks or other applications to meet the code.

Types of Rack that need permitting are the following:
▹ Selective Pallet Rack
▹ Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Rack
▹ Structural Rack
▹ Push-Back Rack
▹ Carton and Pallet Flow
▹ Boltless Shelving
▹ Mezzanine / Catwalk
▹ Cantilever Rack
▹ Bulk Storage Rack

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