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Drive-in & Push Back Rack

All types of resource-intensive businesses, such as distribution and construction, know the importance of maximizing warehouse space. The difficulty is often in finding an effective commercial shelving and storage system that is also cost-effective. A pushback rack system from Ziglift is the ideal way to maximize your existing warehouse space so that renting additional footage is not necessary.

Our warehouse racks will give you numerous benefits for storing both merchandise and supplies. One important benefit is in the ability to take advantage of vertical space that would otherwise go to waste. A warehouse rack system lets you utilize more space than any other method and often includes enough extra to allow for future growth of your business. Having the ability to expand upward can prevent your having to increase the warehouse floor area available later on.

A warehouse rack system will also aid in organization of your materials according to the specifics that work best for you. Choose to organize by depth or height, incorporating aisles or not, in the configurations that you determine will make the most of your space.

In addition to our commercial pushback racks, you also have the option for a drive-in rack system for use with SKU’s in a multi-pallet system. This style of rack system will make the most of your available space for some settings. While warehouse drive-in racks are typically used in a first-in, first-out system, the pushback racks are last-in, first-out. These two choices work in warehouses with a medium turn-around. Continue below to learn more about both types of rack systems.

Pushback Rack System

- Pushback warehouse racks work as an accumulative system that has as many as four pallets in depth for storing products on each level.
- Except for the top pallet, each one on every level is situated on trolleys so that they can be pushed on rolling rails.
- You have the option to choose a full electric system that is customized to your specific application.
- These rack systems are the ideal choice for assembly lines, order picking, and many other applications.

Drive-In Rack System

- Commercial drive-in racks work well in situations where products with low turnovers and high volumes of pallets are used for each type of article.
- These racks allow you to use as much as 85% of your available warehouse space.
- Eliminating aisles allows you to maximize space.
- When used in cold storage, freezer or cooler space is optimized.

Our drive-in and pushback warehouse rack systems are available in new and used models. Contact us to learn more.

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