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Selective pallet racks provide one of best and most common solutions for warehouses that contain a large variety of products (SKUs). Warehouse pallet racks are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that feature a range of flexible storage options. Objects and packages stored on pallet racks can be easily located and accessed; furthermore, these units are inexpensively priced.

We offer a large variety of pallet racks in Los Angeles, surrounding vicinities, and along the West Coast. Many styles and sizes are available, both NEW and USED. If you’ve been searching for Ridge-U-Rack, T-bolt, Interlake, or structural pallet racking, we have the top-quality products you seek.

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Selective pallet rack advantages:

Convenient access to all pallets in stock.
One position for every pallet means simplified stock control.
Each pallet can be handled and moved without the need to move another.
Volume and weight load flexibility.

Styles of warehouse pallet racking we offer:

Interlake Teardrop & New style
Sammons style
T-bolt style
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Wire decks:

U-channel wire decks used for step beams only.
Flared wire decks used for step or boxed beam.
Available for all pallet rack sizes depending on depth of uprights and length of beams. Request a quote to get pricing!

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