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Ladders, Carts, Dollies

Warehouses aren’t the only settings where there is a need for sturdy, high-quality warehouse ladders and other equipment workers can rely on for extended safe and functional use. Our variety of new and used pallet racking, utility carts, dollies, hand trucks and rolling ladders are available in an assortment of styles so that we have what you need to meet your specifications. Just contact us and we can help you find the right piece of equipment for use in your warehouse or other facility.

Browse our collection of warehouse dollies, carts, and ladders below. Each piece of equipment is made in compliance with industry standards. To determine availability or to get pricing, send us an inquiry by email at We have extensive experience in the industry and can help you determine which of our commercial ladders, carts, or hand trucks is the best choice for your business.

Rolling Warehouse Ladders

These are some of the important reasons for turning to our high-quality collection of rolling ladders for your warehouse use.

- Steel ladders like our GSW model are considered to be of the best quality ladders available on the market.
- Ball-bearing casters make these ladders easy to move through the aisles.
- They are made with durable all-steel construction.
- Safe climbing with a 56-degree angle and sturdy hand rails.
- Non-slip, sure-grip tread.

Economic Platform and Utility Carts

- Warehouse service carts made of durable plastic have a 300- to 500-pound carrying capacity and have two shelves for extra carrying space.
- Available in the most popular sizes of 24” x 36” and 24” x 48”.
- Economic carts for the warehouse come in 16” x 30” size and have a 400-pound carrying capacity.
- Multi-level warehouse commercial utility carts are available by special request.
- Platform carts for warehouses come in various weight capacities up to 1600 pounds in a 48” to 72” length. Heavy-duty platform trucks are also available online.

Dollies and Hand Trucks

- Flared wire decks can be used for either step or boxed beam.
- U-Channel wire decks available for use with step beams only.
- Can be used for any pallet rack size according to the depth of uprights and the length of the beams. Call or email us to get a pricing quote.

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