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Forklift Equipment

Forklift Equipment
There are many types of different forklift equipment that can be used to increase productivity or safety of the current work environment. We offer a large variety of different forklift add-ons and items that can be used to utilize your current equipment for different uses. We offer everything from baskets , platforms , extensions , propane tanks , safety equipment and much more!

Man Baskets
Forklift man baskets are the perfect solution for maintenance or any other situation where someone needs to reach a place in a warehouse where a ladder can’t reach.  The basket keeps the person secured and with a safety harness attached to the person in the basket also keeps them safe from falling.
Keep employees safe and don’t allow them to stand on the forks of the lift.
Basket  can be customized to many different specifications, most common size is 48” x 48”

Forklift Platforms
Forklift platforms are often used as a platform behind order picker / cherry picker forklifts.
Most popular with furniture applications that have oversized products that are picked by hand and pulled for orders , the platform is placed on the backside for easy loading and offloading purposes.


Fork Extensions
Forklift extensions come in 3 different sizes, 60” , 72” and 96” to give that extra length needed to grab long oversized pallets. It works on all forklifts and available in different widths (4” to 6”) to accommodate your forks currently being used.


Safety Equipment
Safety is a key element to running a good operation in a warehouse. Safety always comes first and that is why when operating either a man up truck, order picker or a scissor lift that has a lateral lift to take you up it is required to have a harness and lanyard attached at all times. To prevent any accident from falling it is need and is an OSHA requirement.

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