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Boltless Shelving

There are a number of different types of storage methods available to business owners who rely on warehouse or backroom space for their merchandise, supplies, and other commercial storage items. One of the best options for heavy / bulk item storage is commercial boltless shelving. Even more than pallet racks, boltless shelving is highly accessible, so you can store things on one or more shelves and then retrieve those items quickly and easily. This is helped by the fact that all four sides are accessible.

Along with the ability to reach items from every side of the shelving, you are also able to see them without hindrance. You can even have items facing all four directions on each side, maximizing the efficiency and utility of the boltless shelving. Many other kinds of commercial storage don’t allow for this kind of visibility. Due to the lack of nuts, bolts, clips, and rivets needed in the final product, this kind of shelving is also a joy and a breeze to assemble.

The shelving is often used for archive storage, and can even be used as a catwalk system. It’s easy to assemble and requires no bolts or clips. There are also no bracings on the sides, allowing easy side access if needed. Of course, in the end, all you need to remember is that these heavy bulk storage racking units / boltless shelving units offer a cost-effective way to store your oversized items. See below for additional information about our boltless shelving commercial storage options.

Series 100A / 200A Boltless Shelving Units

- Series 100A shelving features our Double Rivet Z-Beam for the top and bottom shelves, which provides for a more attractive look because the decking rests inside the beam.
- Capacity of 250 - 300 lbs. per shelf.
- This industrial grade shelving is designed for medium to light duty applications and is an excellent alternative to traditional all-steel shelving and standard boltless shelving.
- Available with particle board or wire mesh decking.
- Shelves are adjustable every one and a half inches.
- Available in regular and heavy duty.
- Fast and easy assembly.
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Series 200A / 200B Boltless Shelving Units

- Series 200A shelving is constructed using industrial strength steel and features an advanced boltless design that provides easy assembly without nuts, bolts, or shelf clips.
- Series 200B shelving is the heaviest duty shelving with double rivet beams all around.
- Series 200B can be used with wire decking or particle board.
- Shelves are adjustable every one and a half inches.
- Fast and easy assembly.
- Visit our Online Store for prices.

We offer a variety of commercial shelving in Los Angeles to fit any budget and any needs. Please call for more information about our new and used warehouse boltless shelving solutions, or anything else you see listed in our catalog.

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